Dynamic Entrepreneurship Program by GLAM

 Knowledge is very important in our business 

Sha always tekankan pada business partners untuk maju kita perlu upgrade ilmu kita. So, GLAM dengan support daripada company akan adakan this monthly program especially untuk new comers. 

Bukan calang-calang orang yang akan lead the talk. Beliau adalah Mr Winston Wong. Beliau ni daripada corporate background. Beliau pernah menjadi President, MBf Holdings Berhad dan Pengerusi Malaysia Paper Merchants Association. Beliau juga adalah penulis buku The Misunderstood Industry.

Dan bukan calang-calang tempatnya, kali ni akan diadakan di Bukit Kiara Country Club. Sha nak invite everyone to join us. 

Antara tips untuk berjaya dalam bisnes adalah support system yang baik. Dan antara perkara yang ada dalam support system adalah education. So, jangan tunggu lagi. Be part of our team, don't worry because we shall succeed as a TEAM.

Contact Sha if you are interested to know about the business.


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Dynamic Entrepreneurship Program by GLAM

Watch ntv7 Tonight!

Hello peeps. I will be on ntv7 tonight.. :D Tapi tak tahu exactly pukul berapa. Cuma diberitahu dari pukul 8 hingga 9 malam, prime time gituuu. Kalau sudi, duduk la depan tv time tu ye..

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Watch ntv7 Tonight!

Seoul Korea - My 8th FOC Trip!

Alhamdulillah...I'm very very happy to announce yang our Shanghai trip already UPGRADED by the company to SEOUL, KOREA!!!

Boleh la feeling-feeling winter sonata..opss saya bukan peminat cerita tatau pon pasal pelakon-pelakon Sha follow cerita Julia & Awan Dania yang shooting kat Seoul, Korea kikiki..

Meh kita layan jap apa menarik kat KOREA!

First sekali N Seoul Tower, Gunung Namsan. Dekat sini la yang terdapat puluhan ribu mangga kunci atau 'Love Padlock' yang dorang gantung kat pagar yang mengelilingi N Seoul Tower. Nanti boleh la bawak padlock siap-siap and pasang kat sana dengan hubby kan hihihi

pic google

pics google

and Nami Island!! bestnyaa kalo dapat pergi Nami Island. Winter Sonata shooting kat sini, drama Julia pon shooting kat sini ;-) Beautiful and romantic place I would say!

pic google

pic google

pic google
Insha Allah the trip will be in September. Seriously tak sabar sebab this time around will bring new partners yang first time qualify so the more the merrier!!

'The ideal time to visit Korea is during the autumn months (September-November). During this time, the country experiences warm, sunny weather, skies that are cobalt blue and spectacular foliage that is perhaps the biggest draw.'

Anyone yang suka travel & interested to travel for FREE 3 kali selama setahun! 
Don't hesitate to call/whatapps/sms me Sha : 012-2151541
Insha Allah NEW FOC trip will be announced very sooon!!!

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Seoul Korea - My 8th FOC Trip!


Hi my lovely readers!!

Rasanya dah lama Sha tak share pasal shopping kan..Actually bila dah buat business fulltime ni lagi kerap shopping sebab my business appointment di Shopping complex so ada laa yang terbeli..tertry..tergrab.. ;-)

Sha nak start dengan something yang sangat-sangat SPECIAL. Masa beli this item memang rasa sangat teruja & still tak percaya I can afford to bought this thing..Alhamdulillah ni antara my wish list and i already GOT IT yeayyyy!!

My very first CHANEL Handbag!!

Wrapping dia pun dah menarik kan?Seriously sangat-sangat Exclusive

Inside the box


Karl Lagerfeld signature ;)

My Chanel Flap in beige bought at Harrods London on 11 March 2013

Next wish list yang berjaya digrab

Lady Dior chain wallet bought at Galleries Lafayette, Paris on 14 March 2013.  Hadiah birthday ;)

Menambah collection my Chanel brooch, also bought from Galleries Lafayette, Paris 

Twill Asymmetrical jacket from Chic Yamada and pants from Zara, I wore this for my Harmoni magazine photoshoot.

Lurex Tweed jacket, top and pants from Warehouse for NTV7 Bella capsule

 and last but not least, baju raya from PU3 design

Baju tak siap lagi, i just tempah simple kurong 

So, thats all yang special Sha shopping for this quarter budget hehe..insha Allah ada rezeki shopping lagi ;)

till we meet again taa..

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You have probably heard in the print or online media about GLAM. It sounds glamourous, right? But don't be confused with the GLAM magazine. Although we have the same name, but we are different. Actually, Sha likes to read the glamourous GLAM magazine as I want to know the latest and trendy fashion tips. :)

GLAM logo

GLAM is actually our business team that comes from the name, Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM). The name itself describes us as young, trendy and fashionable team. As a team, we support each other and grow together.

We are the pioneers who are using online marketing as our business tool. These tools are very powerful coz even while you are sleeping, the business is still ON. Furthermore, we are famous with our Premium Beautiful product.

Social Media applications

Free trips are another indicators of our success. In each trips, our qualifiers are always increasing. Our track records:

Perth & Switzerland
10 Qualifiers

Hong Kong
60 Qualifiers (2 buses)

Holland & Belgium
50 Qualfiers (1 bus)

100 Qualifiers (1 flight)

150 Qualifiers (1.5 flight)

London & Paris
100 Qualifiers

Our next trip is Shanghai. InsyaAllah, it's going to be bigger!

CHOOSE the RIGHT group. Choose GLAM.

GLAM party

Top GLAMpreneur
Sha Khalid

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