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Pengumuman untuk semua yang teringin nak pakai corset Premium Beautiful.

Sekarang Sha buat limited time SPECIAL PROMO dengan HARGA ISTIMEWA. Hanya untuk bulan ni saja.

For this promo price of Premium Beautiful Classic or Elegance, just call/sms/whatsapp me:

 Sha 011-3775 8674 

* while stocks last


Company has launched the NEW set of Premium Beautiful on November 9, 2013. This set is called the Premium Beautiful Elegance.

premium beautiful elegance

Unique features of this new set:

* Charming gray color.
* A softer fabric.
* Design is more beautiful.
* The front lace converted into embroidery lace with more elegant lace pattern.
* All benefits such as fat reposition, FIR, body reshaping are still the same.

premium beautiful elegance lace fabric
The lace used on the Premium Beautiful Elegance

front part of premium beautiful elegance
The front part of Premium Beautiful Elegance with the beautiful finishing. The embroidery lace is used on the long bra, waist nipper and long girdle.

Premium Beautiful set of existing (the black color) will be known as Premium Beautiful Classic.

For Premium Beautiful Classic or Elegance price and promo just call/sms/whatsapp Sha.

 Sha 011-3775 8674 
fill up the  Contact Form 

Last updated: Tuesday, June 20, 2017  Sha Khalid Premium Beautiful

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Premium Beautiful Elegance


Sis price corset baru ni brape?

Sis, contact Sha for the price and latest promo..

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