FOC Trip to Holland & Belgium!!!

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Keukenhof Gardens
'Keukenhof Gardens and its surrounding bulb fields have been the most exciting and colorful spring attraction in Holland. In the last fifty years, millions of visitors, both from Holland and abroad, have discovered that springtime in the Keukenhof offers an exuberant feast for the eyes.'

Windmill & tulip
Holland mmg famous dgn Windmills & bunga tulips...
Rotterdam Holland Tourist Attractions , Rotterdam places to see, beautiful places in Rotterdam. The greater Rotterdam area, best known as 'Rotterdam-Rijnmond'/'Rijnmond region' 

Amsterdam bridge

All chocolate lovers should prepare themselves before going to Belgium as this is a place where it’s almost impossible to resist and don’t try another candy or chocolate bar. Brussels, Belgium capital, offers fantastic sightseeing, truly amazing architecture, numerous attractions and its diamond – divine chocolates.
baby kencing ..kkikiki
Brussels is capital of Belgium and highlighted by many travellers for seeing historical building, museums and monuments. The most famous statue is Manneke Pis.

Antwerp Belgium
This is second largest and city of fashion and diamond. There is World Diamond located in Antwerp and 70% of all diamonds arrive through Antwerp in Belgium.

*all pics & information google

So, mmg sangat teruja bila google pasal Holland & Belgium ni...dan rasa tak sabarnya nak menjejakkan kaki ke sana...dah la mmg ade dlm wishlist this year nak pegi Europe..tak sangka plak boleh pegi FOC dr biz ni...Alhamdulillah...

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