ME in TV Talk Show??

Thursday, January 10, 2013 Sha Khalid 0 Comments

Seriously terkejut, masa dapat message from my mentor CDM Hanis Haizi, rasa floating. Seriously Sha speechless & shocked. Tak sangka I will be selected by Hanis Haizi & company to be on Bella Talk Show in NTV7. Sepanjang kerjaya 9 tahun I've not even been selected for any event, itu yang buat Sha rasa berdebar & proud dengan diri sendiri BUT I got this opportunity in this business. 

To my mentor Hanis Haizi :-

'Thank you for giving me this great opportunity, thank you for all your support & courage since the day one I'm in the business until Today. I couldn’t have achieved all these without your support. Thank you Hanis for everything. May our Ukhuwwah last forever :)'

Sangat teruja sebab tak pernah dapat rasa macam ni & actually tak pernah terbayang pun akan dapat peluang macam ni. Dulu niat nak buat business untuk dapat side income tapi nothing is impossible in this business with the right GROUP & GUIDANCE. In sha Allah I will deliver the best to make my mentor & my business partners proud.

In Sha Allah, Sha will blog about this later ;-)

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