Premium Beautiful : Slip Disc or Back Pain

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 Sha Khalid 0 Comments

Suffering from BACK PAIN? or SLIP DISC?

It has 7 memory wires that follow your body shape..The absolute one and only corset in the world that certified by

Suitable for those working in the office or yang banyak spend time on the road..

The best of ALL it suitable for women and MEN!

'I used to have really back ache during pregnancy... and kesan epidural yang menyebabkan back pain yang berpanjangan. But after wearing PB i have no problem at all!! And my back is fully supported by the waist nipper. '

'Dulu kalau nak tido malam kena taruk pillow behind my back to support... or nak move around tak boleh buat sudden movement mesti sakit yang amat2... but now not anymoreee!!'

PB save my life!!
- Quote from Hanis

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