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Sunday, June 16, 2013 Sha Khalid 0 Comments

My Travelogue

2011 - Hong Kong
2012 - Vietnam
2012 - Holland & Belgium
2012 - Guangzhou, China
2013 - London & Paris

These are the countries I have visited so far in my business. Sha really grateful for being in this business sebab tak pernah terfikir boleh travel to different countries. Seriously, my first trip to Hong Kong was my first time buat passport! Some more, the trips were all FREE. Some say, betul ke FREE. Ok, kita buat checklist ye...

Flight ticket = FREE
Accommodation = FREE
Travel agent = FREE
Ride = FREE
Food = FREE

Just satu je yang tak FREE, duit shopping. Tu kena bawa sendiri :)

My next trip akan ke SEOUL, KOREA. Yeayyy. Actually the trip was suppose to Shanghai, tapi sebab company tak mau ambil risiko sebab some parts of China ada wabak selesema burung. But it's a blessing in disguise. Sha memang teringin nak ke Korea.

There will be another trip opening, InsyaAllah next month. So, Sha invited whomever wanna join the trip, just contact Sha. Sha nak bawa lagi ramai business partners in the next trip. JOMS!! Siapa kata jade agen Premium Beautiful tak boleh keliling dunia? ;)



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