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Monday, January 13, 2014

2013, trip yang paling Sha enjoy ialah ke London, Paris & Korea. It was most memorable and exciting trip for 2013. From the video pun can show how excited I'm with the journeys. Trip ramai-ramai ni memang sangat-sangat enjoy and seronok. During London & Paris trip kami dah rasa stranded for about 36hours. Can't imagine if trip to kami berdua husband & wife je..tp disebabkan ramai-ramai dekat 2 bas stranded berjam-jam pun tak rasa lama. Still rasa lagi feeling masa stranded kat St. Pancreas Station berjam-jam duduk kat Starbuck.. yeah definitely London & Paris trip was the sweetest trip ever in my business journey and I'm hoping for more memorable and sweetest trip in the future..inshaAllah..So, let's enjoy these videos and wait for our GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA video soon!!!

London & Paris Trip

Korea Trip

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