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Wednesday, March 16, 2011 Sha Khalid 1 Comments

Malam diamond nite aritu, syarikat ade bg La Praise trial sets as a free gift. Pastu aku try la pki...mmg besttt sgt product ni..tak melekit & pipi tak rasa tegang..besst ar yang pastinya...terus beralih arah ke product ni sbb shu uemura pon taleh lawan ;)malahan bukan aku je kata best. tanya2 org lain pon kata best gak..kawan i merangkap my biz partner syida pki La Praise ni kesan plg ketara dia dpt ialah Jerawat makin kurang..

So, skrg dh start bli yg complete sets...hehe best2 ...Meh sini cite sket psl product ni..if korang berminat meh roger ai k...

Soothing Cleansing Gel - 50 ml 
Younger looking skin begins from your daily routine by using the cleanser formulated with plant stem cells and antioxidants. It helps to remove the impurities from your skin, leaving you with a fresh, smooth and radiant complextion each time after use.

Soothing Toner - 50 ml
A truly beneficial toner with added licorice, chamomilla and botanical extracts that helps your skin to find its own balance point for hydration and nourishment. It boosts the skin ability to stay hydrate at all times.
p/s toner dia sgt best..mmg rasa fresh je lepas disapu dimuka...

Sun Protector SPF 30 PA +++ - 15ml
SPF protection 30 PA +++ shields skin from harmful darkening effects of UV rays. The addition of rice germ oil and squalane (olive) keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.
p/s yg ni mmg A++++.. muka anda tidak akan melekit bestt..dan sgt sesuai utk org yang jenis kulit berminyak..maybe sbb tu la kulit tak naik jerawat..

Night Renewal - 15 ml
Nourish your skin at night with specially formulated gel from marine collagen, betaglucan and antioxidants to moisturize and help in fading the signs og aging. Consistent usage gives you youthful looking skin and radiant complexion
p/s aku mmg sgt pemalas nk pki cream sejak pki night renewal ni mmg best. x melekit dan juga x berminyak..pastu feeling2 muda je ...haha bley??

Eye Lifting Gel - 15 ml
Special developed to target the fine lines, eye bags and dark circles around the eye area. Added ascorbic acid (vitamin C) rejuvenates, strengthens and moisturizes the skin surrounding the eye.
 p/s yg ni den tak try kalo yg lain tu superb so pastinya yg ni pon superb :)

Selain dari guna la praise tu, aku pon guna Bio Ever ni gak. Sebab boleh memontokkan bahagian2 di badan yang tidak montok..haha...aku guna utk cheek bone..kt tmpt2 lain nak letak pon ok..cthnye kat *re*st..

Uniqueness of Bio~Ever™

Bio-Ever™ employs nano liposome technology by delivering the goodness of nano-sized ingredients directly to the blood stream via application on the skin.

Nano Liposome Technology
Active ingredients of Bio~Ever™ are filled in liposomes (tiny and hollow spheres of lipids) and carried to the places where the body needs them.

The smaller size of liposomes enable the active ingredients to be delivered with great accuracy into the body and release precisely as needed.

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