Thank Your Dear Juliana Jalil

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It has been approximately 2 years I have been in my current business and the greatest thing about it is meeting other people who were previously strangers and work our dreams together. In this business, I can grow other people, which I might not be able to do in other business. And when other people look up at you, it is the greatest feeling ever! Below is an excerpt of an entry from my business partner, Juliana Jalil. Thank you dear for the lovely wish and entry. Let's work towards achieving our dreams together.

Dedicated to my dearest leader,

Happy Birthday my dearest leader, Sha Khalid

Eh! Yang ke berapa ye?
Hehehe :D
Age is just a number ;)

Semoga Sha akan sentiasa dirahmati olehNya & dilimpahi rezeki.
Semoga ikatan silaturrahim kita akan berkekalan sehingga ke syurgaNya.
Amin... ;)

Sha menjadi inspirasi Ju since Ju become one of GLAMpreneurs.
Sha, orangnya kecil molek tapi semangatnya BESAR :D
Kagum dengan pencapaian Sha in business.

Sha with her Viva before became GLAMpreneur
Sha with her Viva before became GLAMpreneur

Achievement as GLAMpreneur.
Within a year dapat keluarkan kereta Mercedes as her business car :)
Diraikan pada Hai-O 20th Anniversary.
Great achievement as a CDM within less than 2 years dengan income RM40k++ a month :)

From :

Ju, mommy to a cute little girl adalah seorang yang sangat committed to the business. Tak pernah segan untuk menimba ilmu, dan sungguh-sungguh dalam business. Eventho dah selesa dengan kerjaya beliau sekarang tapi still looking for other opportunity. My readers can read her other entries and her journey in the business at her blog :

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