Day 3 - London & Paris Trip

Day 3 in London we all started the itinerary of the day dengan bergambar di Albert Hall, London, Kensington Park and after that free & easy shopping di Oxford Street. We stayed at Holiday Inn Kensington Forum. So, Royal Albert Hall and Kensington Park tu just nearby our hotel.

First stop at Royal Albert Hall.

Ain & Ezam, Ekah & Ikie, Me & Zaer, Yong, Eija & Duan

Ain, Ekah, Me, Hanis, Eija, Yong

cantik kan background kat sini

aktiviti wajib ialah melompat ;-)

Ezam & Ain, wakil from GLAMpreneuers Johor

apa la agaknya gaya

model ke??

love the building design..very unique!

Then, stop sekejap amik-amik gambar di Kensington Park...

sejuk gila time ni..seluar je 3 lapis huhu

pre-wed photoshoot katanyaa
We were in Bus B2

Gaya macamani pulak kay..
Lepas puas berposing & nanyi amik gambar, we ke Oxford Street untuk shopping!!

and this was the day i bought my FIRST CHANEL hand bag, 10-March-2013!! I'll blog about it in the next entry..stay tune!!

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Day 3 - London & Paris Trip


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