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You have probably heard in the print or online media about GLAM. It sounds glamourous, right? But don't be confused with the GLAM magazine. Although we have the same name, but we are different. Actually, Sha likes to read the glamourous GLAM magazine as I want to know the latest and trendy fashion tips. :)

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GLAM is actually our business team that comes from the name, Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM). The name itself describes us as young, trendy and fashionable team. As a team, we support each other and grow together.

We are the pioneers who are using online marketing as our business tool. These tools are very powerful coz even while you are sleeping, the business is still ON. Furthermore, we are famous with our Premium Beautiful product.

Social Media applications

Free trips are another indicators of our success. In each trips, our qualifiers are always increasing. Our track records:

Perth & Switzerland
10 Qualifiers

Hong Kong
60 Qualifiers (2 buses)

Holland & Belgium
50 Qualfiers (1 bus)

100 Qualifiers (1 flight)

150 Qualifiers (1.5 flight)

London & Paris
100 Qualifiers

Our next trip is Shanghai. InsyaAllah, it's going to be bigger!

CHOOSE the RIGHT group. Choose GLAM.

GLAM party

Top GLAMpreneur
Sha Khalid

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