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Hi my lovely readers!!

Rasanya dah lama Sha tak share pasal shopping kan..Actually bila dah buat business fulltime ni lagi kerap shopping sebab my business appointment di Shopping complex so ada laa yang terbeli..tertry..tergrab.. ;-)

Sha nak start dengan something yang sangat-sangat SPECIAL. Masa beli this item memang rasa sangat teruja & still tak percaya I can afford to bought this thing..Alhamdulillah ni antara my wish list and i already GOT IT yeayyyy!!

My very first CHANEL Handbag!!

Wrapping dia pun dah menarik kan?Seriously sangat-sangat Exclusive

Inside the box


Karl Lagerfeld signature ;)

My Chanel Flap in beige bought at Harrods London on 11 March 2013

Next wish list yang berjaya digrab

Lady Dior chain wallet bought at Galleries Lafayette, Paris on 14 March 2013.  Hadiah birthday ;)

Menambah collection my Chanel brooch, also bought from Galleries Lafayette, Paris 

Twill Asymmetrical jacket from Chic Yamada and pants from Zara, I wore this for my Harmoni magazine photoshoot.

Lurex Tweed jacket, top and pants from Warehouse for NTV7 Bella capsule

 and last but not least, baju raya from PU3 design

Baju tak siap lagi, i just tempah simple kurong 

So, thats all yang special Sha shopping for this quarter budget hehe..insha Allah ada rezeki shopping lagi ;)

till we meet again taa..

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