New : PB 360 Thera Vest (theravest)

Tuesday, January 21, 2020 Sha Khalid 0 Comments

Be the first 1,000 to own PB 360 Theravest.

The long awaited new product PB 360 Theravest is launching officially in Nov 2020. The actual launching date will be announced later.

Due to popular demand, SHOM management has decided to open 1,000 units only for READY STOCK.

READY STOCK is based on first come first served basis, grab it now before it's too late! 

✅ Flattens back 
✅ Lifts breast 
✅ Flattens tummy 
✅ Shapes waist 
✅ Tones arm 
✅ Corrects posture

You can get this Theravest NOW. Contact/Whatsapp Sha 011-37758674.

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