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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Aktiviti bulanan with my beloved leader Hanis Haizi iaitu Personal Touch..But today we ols PT together with lunch..Hanis nak mkn japanese food so she decided to go to Watami One Utama..Located besides Starbucks & in front of Clarins..try la uolss mmg sedap..kitaorg order mcm nak mkn 4 org..if makan dgn Hanis i mmg dah tau sure mcm2 dia order ;-)

So during PT, Hanis ajar semua ilmu memantapkan bisnes mcmana nak bimbing kumpulan i, setting target..setting utk my biz partners & sesi luahan perasaan hihi..bestnya biz ni kita blh cerita ape shj kt leader kita more to friendship..Alhamdulillah Jomss layan ape yg we ols pon dah half way baru ingat nak amik gambar

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