Day 5 & 6 - London & Paris Trip : Journey from London to Paris

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Day 5 - 12 March 2013. Bertolak ke Paris! And here the story began we were stranded for about 30 hours because of snow storm! You can check out this entry !!

Sha just nak share the smooth journey after stranded and Alhamdulillah we reached Paris around 3.30 pm on 13 March 2013 and terus check in into our Hotel. Hotel Pullman Paris Montparnasse perfectly located in the heart of Paris and according to our tour guide per night stay costs 500 euro! Thanks to company for this 5 star treatments! Terus 30 hours stranded tak terasa ;-)

premium beautiful houses covered with snow
Ni sepanjang perjalanan dari Kota London ke Euro Tunnel, kiri kanan salji tebal. Masa ni, it was the worst snow storm in 25 years!

premium beautiful lorries queueing to enter France
Jalan ke Euro Tunnel, actually semua lori tu tengah beratur untuk masuk ke Euro Tunnel

premium beautiful French border closed
Gateway to enter the Euro Tunnel dan tunjukkan jadual keretapi pun tergendala

premium beautiful stranded photos
Few photos taken during stranded on the Highway. First time tengok salji tebal memang excited & seronok!! PRICELESS!! Lori dan bas tu semuanya berhenti atas lebuh raya.

premium beautiful Paris signboard
Started our smooth journey to Kota Cinta, Paris! Masa ni dah lega nampak signboard Paris.
premium beautiful after stranded

premium beautiful arrived in Paris
Dah sampai PARIS!!!! Kat Paris, the weather was very nice, sunny je. Snow pun dah mula mencair.

premium beautiful Pullman Paris hotel area
5 star hospitality!
premium beautiful Pullman Paris room view
Hotel room & view outside of our room

premium beautiful happy faces in Paris
Happier!! dah sampai Paris & going out for dinner setelah 30 jam makan tak tentu
premium beautiful Indian restaurant in Paris
We had our dinner here, Jodhipur Palace restaurant.

premium beautiful happy faces eating at Indian restaurant
Indian food..sedap gilerss...Teh Tarik 1 cawan kecil 5 Euro tapi sedap to the max!

premium beautiful food at Indian restaurant Paris
satu mangkuk served for 2, portion memang banyak & licin kitorang makan

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